Curve Fix 45° Wall Bracket
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Gooseneck Wall Bracket is a secure wall mount tablet kiosk features a beautiful gooseneck tube.  Tiltable easy to reach your request angle. Rotary locate portrait or landscape freely. Different enclosure choices. Cable can be routed through the tube so that gives clean look. Ideal for restaurant, shop, hotel, tradeshow. 

Full Covered Slim Enclosure
Customized Acrylic Enclosure
Full Covered Original Enclosure

     Item Number          For Tablet Size

     Item Number          For Tablet Size

     Item Number          For Tablet Size

Custom for 7.9-12.9"
Custom for 7.9-12.9"




7.9-8.4/9.7-11/12-13"or Custom
1. Classic curve neck.
2. Comfortable fixed 45° angle.
3. Portrait or landscape.
4. Cable can be routing through tube for clean look.
5. VESA 75*75mm/100*100mm.
6. Different enclosure choice.

Fixed 45° Curve Neck

Bueatiful up-curve neck fixed at an angle of ideal 45° to entice interaction.

Portrait or landscape

Can be mounted to its VESA bracket in either a portrait or landscape orientation depending on your content.

Cable routing 

Cable can be routed through the inside of the tube to keep tablet kiosk continuously powered and looking tidy.

Customize Service

Contact us to customize the product to meet your detail request. Fit your tablet PC, design accessories, customize your artwork etc. Just contact us to check availability.