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Crowd Control Barriers are ideal for organizing service lines and directing foot traffic. We offer crowd control stands in two styles: classy posts with ropes and professional poles with retractable belts. Both stanchion styles feature an effective design and sturdy construction for use in any business. 
Our retractable belt barriers are equipped with high quality mechanism. It have slow retract optional to avoid sudden release injury. We have many variations of our crowd control stanchions to suit any environment. And there are stainless steel, steel with powder coating, plastic retractabel belt barriers for different budget clients.
Classic Crowd Control Rope Barriers from Evertop are a decorative, yet effective tactic of directing your patrons. Our classic posts, also known as crowd control ropes are constructed of the highest quality materials.  These rope stanchions are available in different finishes and designs and matching velvet ropes are available. 

We also have Wall mount and Traffic Cone Mount System. Wall mount System is a compact wall mounted barrier designed for restricting access in short to medium span applications such as cash register isles, elevators, hallways and doors. Traffic Cone Mount is a light, portable retracting belt unit that fits onto most types of traffic cones and is more effective at restricting access than cones alone. 

Cafe Barrier is crowd management barrier with custom printed banner. Sections with graphics are able to be positioned outward to gain maximum brand exposure with this beautiful system! These versatile display barricades, crowd managements are used as cost-effective advertising measures, continue to be ideal investments for any type of restaurant or business!