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We have three product lines Umbrella Packing Machine, Commercial Waste Receptacles, Crowd Control Barriers in Hospitality & Industry Facilites field. These products are wided used in Hotel, Shopping Mall, Airport, Restaurant, Hospital, Schools Facilites.

Commercial trash cans and waste receptacles are great for outdoor restaurant patios, parks and other public venues. Many of these waste bins can be used both indoors and outdoors to help encourage visitors to properly dispose of their rubbish. We offer commercial trash cans in a variety of styles and sizes to give shoppers a great selection, meeting all of your litter removal needs. Metallic models are great for any upscale setting. The polished finish will blend in with any décor, making typical commercial trash cans more decorative. We also sell rubbish cont​​ainers in wood for outdoor use. These particular commercial trash cans have larger capacities yet are still stylish with their textured features.

Wet Umbrella Packing Machine will help to mitigate against the hazards caused by wet floors. The Wet umbrella packing series include Wet Umbrella Packing Machine and Wet Umbrella Bag Stand. They are non electric mobile machine or stand that is positioned at the entrance of any commercial building entry area with the aim to prevent customers and staff entering the building dripping water from their wet umbrellas as they enter during rainy days. Wet Umbrella Packing Machine also known as Wet Umbrella bag dispenser and Wet Umbrella Wrapper can packing the wet umbrella with a bag by simply insert the wet umbrella into the slot.  It is getting popular all over the world. The Umbrella Bag Stand also offers bags just need to pack manually.

Crowd Control Posts, Our selection of crowd control posts includes retractable belt barriers, classic rope barriers. These barriers are ideal for organizing service lines and directing foot traffic.  Both barrier styles feature an effective design and sturdy construction for use in any business. What's best we can add advertising banner on both our retractable belt barrier or classic barrier to offer advertising function.