Umbrella Bags


Short Bag
Long Bag
Umbrella Bags to help prevent dangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents. Our high density umbrella bags are a proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor during rainy weather.  They can be installed in our automatic umbrella packing machine or on umbrella bag stand.

1.  Made from strong high density HDPE material.

2.  0.4mm thickness(Double layer) 

3.  Available in two sizes 13*68mm/13*40mm to fit a variety of different sized umbrellas. 

4.  Biodegradable material optional.

5.  Custom size available.

6.  Logo Printing available.

7.  Packing 100 per pack, 1000pcs/2000pcs/4000pcs per carton as per request.