Visible Sortable dustbin SD-17B
    Publish time 2017-04-28 17:04    

L400mm x W 450mm x H900mm(A,B)
L500mm x W 450mm x H900mm(C)

1. L400mm x W 450mm x H900mm(A,B)  L500mm x W 450mm x H900mm(C)
2. Stainless Steel 
3. High quality
4. Silver
1. All Metal Fire Safe Construction.
2. Custom Silk Screened Messages and Logos
3. High quality workmanship.
4. The litter bin is equipped with a galvanised steel inner container.
5. Ideal for use in busy locations such as schools, offices, cafeteria etc as it allows for the collection of two waste streams in individual compartments.
6. The transparent front also makes the unit suitable for use in higher security locations as it allows any suspicious packages to be quickly identified and dealt with.