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Curve Series
Curve Series

Curve Series is a floor standing secure tablet kiosk stand features a classic curved neck.The 2-in-1 Kiosk transforms for Floor Standing or Countertop use simply. Three different enclosure choices make it compatible with a Variety of tablet PCS on market. The lightweight, rugged and easy to set up floor tablet display stand is ideal for shop, showroom, event and tradeshows.

Acrylic Enclosure
Metal Case Enclosure
Universal Diagonal Lock Enclosure
Full Covered Slim Enclosure

  Item Number     For Tablet Size

  Item Number     For Tablet Size

  Item Number     For Tablet Size

  Item Number     For Tablet Size


Custom for 7.9-12.9"



Custom for 7.9-12.9"


Custom for 7.9-11"
7.9-8.4/9.7-11/12-13"  or Custom
Custom for 7.9-11"


  • Different secure enclosures choice.
  • Compatible with most of the tablet PCS on market.
  • 2-in 1 floor standing or counter top.
  • Enclosure is 360 degree rotary.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum tube for easy transportation.
  • Cable through stand for clean look.
  • With kensington holes for additional security.
  • Home button, camera exposed or covered.
  • Banner accessory optional add advertising and branding purpose.
Rotating enclosure

All enclosures can be rotary freely 360 degree. Easy to set portrait or landscape.

You can also lock it to be not rotary if you like.

Cable routing
Cable can be routed inside of the enclosure, into the tube and out from the bottom.  You can keep your tablet charged when in use and still looks clean.
Kensington hole

Kensington holes on 2 tubes for additional security.

Banner addable

We offer banner adapters and customized banners for advertising or branding purpose. Banner can be fixed on front or back of the stand.

Customize Service

Contact us to customize the product to meet your detail request. Fit your tablet PC, design accessories, customize your artwork etc. Just contact us to check availability.